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Thursday, 5 March 2015


Fresh Water Lake, Dominica (Compliment N. Lawrence)
The New Year, 2015, has brought a number of changes to key institutions in the Commonwealth of Dominica.  The elections of December 8, 2014 returned the ruling Dominica Labour Party to Government, albeit with two fewer seats. Mindful of concerns raised about the Economic Citizenship Programme and the need to create employment for the youth of this country, the Government has enforced new regulations regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme (formerly the Economic Citizenship Programme).

The Government of Dominica revamped the Citizenship by Investment programme in January 2014 adopting its new name and introducing, in addition to the cash investment option, a real estate option. This new option is aimed at engendering growth in the private and public sectors through tourism, agriculture, information technology and manufacturing.

Mr. Emmanuel Nanthan, former advisor to the Prime Ministers of Dominica for the past fifteen, heads the Citizenship by Investment Unit. As he settles into the new position, Mr. Nanthan has jumpstarted processes to enhance the efficiency of the Unit.  The interview, which formed an integral part of the Citizenship by Investment programme, was deemed no longer mandatory in October, 2014. However, this change only came into effect in January, 2015. Nevertheless, the Government of Dominica still reserves the prerogative to request an interview of the applicant if it is considered necessary.

Among other changes, the Due Diligence fees are now payable directly to Government on submission of the application for citizenship.  The Government initiates the Due Diligence process with the Investigative Agency.  The fees quoted for Due Diligence investigation are now bundled with the processing fee. In addition, bank statements for the main applicant for the period of twelve months immediately preceding the submission of application are now required.  Fast past passports may be obtained at the cost of US$500.00!

Changes have also been made to application forms and some new forms have been presented. The former Disclosure Form and Medical Questionnaire have been tidied up and have been assigned the names D1 and D3 respectively. There is now a Fingerprint and Photograph Verification Form, D2 and an Investment Agreement Form, D4, for the real estate option. The Form 12 has not been altered and is still being used.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


A nutmeg

In addition to the frequently asked questions about the process of applying for The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, applicants have a myriad of other questions some of which we highlight in this post:

1). How long does the process take?
Although the normal response is 2-3 months.  The best and most practical response is 2-3 months after the interview.  We emphasize after the interview because at that point the due diligence would have been submitted and perused, discrepancies in information (ex.spelling of name on ID different from that on Birth Certificate etc.) and any missing documents would have been attended to.

2). Do I need to attend the interview?
The interview is mandatory for the main applicant or the head of the family. Interviews are done mainly in Dominica but may be held outside of Dominica to accommodate the applicant.  However, the applicant has to pay for the air fare and lodging of the Interviewing Team.  Additionally, interviews are done in English, if the applicant's level of English is not up to mark, we advise that he requests an interpreter (at his expense).

 3). Can I get Dominica Citizenship with a felony conviction? 
Felonies are sometimes serious offenses.  Some extreme types are rape, murder, kidnapping, tax evasion, fraud etc. We are not aware of any convicted felon who has been issued a Dominica Passport under its Citizenship by Investment Programme.  However, misdemeanors are considered on a case by case basis.

4). Will my children born afterwards be automatically entitled to Dominica Citizenship?
 Unfortunately, no. An application must be submitted on behalf of the dependent and a fee of US$50,000.00 payable for each such dependent.

5). Can I pay extra and get Dominica Citizenship faster?
No. Dominica Citizenship by Investment follows a process (retainer of Agent, submission of application, due diligence,acknowledgement from Government that everything is in order, payment of investment, interview, issuing of Certificate of Naturalization, issuing of Passport) and there is no fast lane or slow lane!

6). Can I pay extra and get more pages added to my Dominica Passport?
The Dominica Passport consists of thirty-two (32) pages - dimension 12½ cm X 9cm. When these pages are exhausted a new passport must be obtained. This may be done through your agent.

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Friday, 31 January 2014


CITIZENSHIP: CHANGES TO DOMINICA ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME...: Sunsets as cruise ship departs Dominica In an effort to improve the transparency and effectiveness of Dominica Economic Citi...


Sunsets as cruise ship departs Dominica

In an effort to improve the transparency and effectiveness of Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme, the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has made amendments to its existing Citizenship Programme effective January 1, 2014. These changes include  a real estate option and, under the cash investment, new investment fees for dependents above eighteen (18 years) and those seeking citizenship after the fact.

Cash Investment Option
The cash investment option involves an outright cash payment to the Government of Dominica of the minimum amount specified below:

Fee (US)

Main (Single)
Main & Spouse
Main & Spouse plus
Dependents less than 18 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependents less than 18 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependents less than 18 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependent between 18 - 25 years
*An additional $20,000 for each qualified dependent below the age of eighteen.

**An additional $50,000.00 for each qualified dependent between the ages of eighteen and twenty five.

New applications for qualified dependents (under 18 years) who did not form part of the initial application where Economic Citizenship has been granted, a contribution of $50,000.00 for each is required.

Real Estate Option
To qualify for the real estate option a minimum investment of US$200,00.00 is required in addition to the fees below:

Applicant (s)
Dependent (s)
Fee (US)

Main & Spouse
Main & Spouse plus
Dependent less than 18 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependents less than 18 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependent  18 – 25 years
Main & Spouse plus
Dependents 18 – 25 years
*In addition to the minimum investment, the main applicant is required to pay $50,000.00 and spouse (if applicable) $25,000.00.
**An additional $20,000.00 for each qualified dependent of the main applicant below the age of eighteen years.
***An additional $50,000.00 for each qualified dependent between eighteen and twenty five years.

Joint purchases are possible under the real estate option, however, each applicant is required to make the minimum investment of $200,000.00.

While Government continue to seek ways to provide investors with more value for their money, one is assured that these latest changes will not be the final one. The Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme will continue to evolve.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Due Diligence

As we mentioned in the previous blog, an integral component of the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme and the Skitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme is the Due Diligence Investigation .   The Agencies that undertake this investigation are selected by the Governments of  both islands.  However, in the case of the Dominica Programme, the applicant may make direct contact with the Agency or he may opt to have his agent laise with the Due Diligence Agent on his behalf, while with that of St. Kitts, the Government initiates the contact.  This means that, whereas with the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme,the applicant have flexibility to negotiate price with the Agencies (the more countries in which the applicant has resided the higher the price), with the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), there is no flexiblility.  In fact, the due diligence fees are payable to the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis at the time the application is submitted.

Most applicants are not ruffled by the due diligence investigations.  Actually, they welcome it as it demonstrates the security of the programmes and the seriousness of the Governments about protecting their citizens and reputation of the programmes.  However, there are those who are fearful that the vagaries of their youthful days may catch up with them!  Although parking tickets obtained during one's teenage years may not negatively impact one's application some forty years after the fact, more serious offences do!

Neither the applicant nor the promoter is privy to the Due Diligence Report!  So what happens if an applicant is refused and in his opinion the refusal was based on an unfavourable Due Diligence Report?  What is the applicant's recourse? Can he obtain a copy of the report?

Interestingly, we were faced with a similar situation a few months ago.  A client, who was denied citizenship, requested a copy of his Due Diligence Report claiming that an adverse report contributed to his refusal.  The Government responded as follows:

"The due diligence report which forms part of the application package for citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica under the Economic Citizenship Programme, is the property of the Government and we are not in the position to publish or make any section (s) of the said report available to any third party".

Although to some this response may seem harsh, in Dominica, applicants are given opportunities during the application process to prove themselves worthy of the second passport.  The Disclosure Form and the Interview section afford the applicants opportunities to explain issues that may potentially yield an unfavourable due diligence report.

In St. Kitts, on the other hand, if the need arises, the Minister may appoint a panel to review an appli-
cation.  This means that an individual whose application has been denied may request a review of his application.  However, the individual must be prepared to present himself at the review as he may be requested to appear in person before the panel. 

The Due Diligence Investigation is fundamental to the St.Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme and Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme  It is part of the Governments' continuing efforts to maintain the integrity of their programmes and protect the security of their citizens. We are promoters of both the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme and the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme.
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fast Passports

In this current international economic crisis, persons the world over are seeking ways to improve their security - be it financial, social or otherwise.  To many individuals, bolstering security means obtaining new citizenship.  New citizenship translates into fast passports!

Prior to 9/11 few countries offered foreigners new citizenship (without some form of residency), since the terrorist attacks on the US, the number of countries has dwingled. Fast passports come in the form of Economic Citizenship.  Not many countries allow such a program.  In the Caribbean, there are currently two islands: The Commonwealth of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) and St.  Kitts & Nevis.  But how fast is fast?

Obtaining a fast passport is relative.  However, less than a year seems acceptable .....between three to six months very acceptable. Under three months............. Possible .......if all documents are submitted correctly and in a timely manner.  For example, the application must be submitted with all the required forms completed and accompanied by supporting documents.  The absence of such requisites will result in unavoidable delays.

Another way to get passports fast is by initiating the due diligence process prior to engaging an Approved Economic Citizenship Agents. The Commonwealth of Dominica demands due diligence check on all applicants for its Economic Citizenship Programme.  Such an investigative research requires time.  It seems prudent that the applicants start the due diligence process before he/she contacts an Approved Economic Citizenship Agent.  Approved Due Diligence Agencies are found on the Government Website. It is important to indicate that contrary to popular belief, the services of the Approved Economic Citizenship Agent do not extend to investigative background checks on the applicants.  Moreover, the Due Diligence Agencies have been selected by the Government and they present their reports directly to the Government.  In order words, neither the applicant nor his/her contracted agent is given copies of the report!

To date the longest waiting period is after the interview! It might be felt that once the applicants get to the interview the rest is easy sailing.  However, that is not necessarily true. The process of finalizing documents after the interview and having the Minister affix his signature to the Certificates of Naturalization is a lenghty process in most instances. There is no comprehensible explanation for the avertible delays!

So, the idea of fast passport may work if the requisite documents are submitted on time, Due Diligence Report submitted together with application documents or shortly afterward. Also, if we start the count after the interview! So, Stop putting it off! Start the Application Process today! Contact us at: or or call on skype: tryoffshore.


Monday, 13 May 2013


Dominica New State House under construction

The recent developments surrounding the Boston bombing has brought to the fore, in the minds of many individuals, the question of citizenship.   Not only who receives citizenship and how one acquires citizenship of a country but also, equally important is, how one losses citizenship.

The Laws of Dominica state clearly that those persons who have acquired citizenship by registration and naturalization may be deprived of citizenship on the following basis:
  • Fraudulent acquisition of Certification of Naturalization:   Existence of satisfactory evidence indicating false representation or suppression of information which would have otherwise disqualified the individual from obtaining such citizenship.
  • Disloyalty to Dominica: Through action or speech - willingly engaging in acts that may be regarded as dishonorable to Dominica.
  • Association with the enemy: In times of war, aiding or associating with the “enemy” through trade, communication or any other such activity.
  • Conviction and/or imprisonment for one (1) year or more within five (5) years after naturalization.
  • Public Interest: If it is in the public interest that citizenship of an individual be terminated.
It should also be noted that in instances where the citizenship of an individual is withdrawn that of the immediate family will also be revoked.