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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fast Passports

In this current international economic crisis, persons the world over are seeking ways to improve their security - be it financial, social or otherwise.  To many individuals, bolstering security means obtaining new citizenship.  New citizenship translates into fast passports!

Prior to 9/11 few countries offered foreigners new citizenship (without some form of residency), since the terrorist attacks on the US, the number of countries has dwingled. Fast passports come in the form of Economic Citizenship.  Not many countries allow such a program.  In the Caribbean, there are currently two islands: The Commonwealth of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) and St.  Kitts & Nevis.  But how fast is fast?

Obtaining a fast passport is relative.  However, less than a year seems acceptable .....between three to six months very acceptable. Under three months............. Possible .......if all documents are submitted correctly and in a timely manner.  For example, the application must be submitted with all the required forms completed and accompanied by supporting documents.  The absence of such requisites will result in unavoidable delays.

Another way to get passports fast is by initiating the due diligence process prior to engaging an Approved Economic Citizenship Agents. The Commonwealth of Dominica demands due diligence check on all applicants for its Economic Citizenship Programme.  Such an investigative research requires time.  It seems prudent that the applicants start the due diligence process before he/she contacts an Approved Economic Citizenship Agent.  Approved Due Diligence Agencies are found on the Government Website. It is important to indicate that contrary to popular belief, the services of the Approved Economic Citizenship Agent do not extend to investigative background checks on the applicants.  Moreover, the Due Diligence Agencies have been selected by the Government and they present their reports directly to the Government.  In order words, neither the applicant nor his/her contracted agent is given copies of the report!

To date the longest waiting period is after the interview! It might be felt that once the applicants get to the interview the rest is easy sailing.  However, that is not necessarily true. The process of finalizing documents after the interview and having the Minister affix his signature to the Certificates of Naturalization is a lenghty process in most instances. There is no comprehensible explanation for the avertible delays!

So, the idea of fast passport may work if the requisite documents are submitted on time, Due Diligence Report submitted together with application documents or shortly afterward. Also, if we start the count after the interview! So, Stop putting it off! Start the Application Process today! Contact us at: or or call on skype: tryoffshore.



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