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Monday, 13 May 2013


Dominica New State House under construction

The recent developments surrounding the Boston bombing has brought to the fore, in the minds of many individuals, the question of citizenship.   Not only who receives citizenship and how one acquires citizenship of a country but also, equally important is, how one losses citizenship.

The Laws of Dominica state clearly that those persons who have acquired citizenship by registration and naturalization may be deprived of citizenship on the following basis:
  • Fraudulent acquisition of Certification of Naturalization:   Existence of satisfactory evidence indicating false representation or suppression of information which would have otherwise disqualified the individual from obtaining such citizenship.
  • Disloyalty to Dominica: Through action or speech - willingly engaging in acts that may be regarded as dishonorable to Dominica.
  • Association with the enemy: In times of war, aiding or associating with the “enemy” through trade, communication or any other such activity.
  • Conviction and/or imprisonment for one (1) year or more within five (5) years after naturalization.
  • Public Interest: If it is in the public interest that citizenship of an individual be terminated.
It should also be noted that in instances where the citizenship of an individual is withdrawn that of the immediate family will also be revoked.


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