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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme

Despite the numerous social and economic challenges experienced worldwide, the Dominica Economic Programme continues to rank at the top of the list for most persons seeking to obtain a second passport or dual citizenship.

Among the factors contributing to this coveted position are the following:
  • Reputability: The Commonwealth of Dominica enjoys a good reputation regionally and internationally including the US, UK, France and Canada. The holder of a Dominican Passport enjoys that esteem, thereby, facilitating business, educational  and traveling activities.
  • Security: All applicants for the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme are subjected to a Due Diligence investigatory process. The background checks are thorough! This reassures holders of Dominica passport - knowing that new holders are not of ill-repute.  The Due Diligence Agencies are backed by many years of experience.  Bishops Investigative Services have been in existence for a hundred and fifteen (115) years and have offices or associated offices in over two hundred countries worldwide.  Financial Examinations & Evaluations Inc. is present in most countries around the world inclusive of Central Asia, China, Japan North and Latin America and Central  and Eastern Europe. Both Agencies use leading technology capabilities along with experts in computer forensics, complex financial translations, corporate security and communication networks and asset location to ensure the integrity of the Dominica Passport.  In addition, the Government of Dominica has embassies/consulate in numerous locations to assist the holders of Dominica Passport.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Despite the hike in Dominica Economic Citizenship fees in September, 2012, Dominica appears to give the best value for money in a number of areas.   Salient among them is the skepticism expressed by non-locals about owning property in this hurricane prone region as is the case of St. Kitts & Nevis Economic Citizenship Programme. Dominica's Citizenship by investment programme does not require investment in real estate property!
  • Professionalism/Professional agent services: The success rate for Alick Lawrence, government approved agent, is phenomenal. With over twenty years experience in processing Economic Citizenship applications, Alick Lawrence Chambers handles over ninety percent (90%) of the Dominica Economic Citizenship applications and provide professional and confidential service to all its clients.
For students hoping to migrate to continue their education, for entrepreneurs, business people, or simply for the ease of traveling and doing business the Dominica passport offers many opportunities.


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